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News, Fake News and Real News


You are cordially invited to the monthly EBN Breakfast event that will take place under the auspices of the Embassy of Romania, on Thursday, 19th of April at 08:30 at the Embassy of Romania (Gaono gatve 6, Vilnius).

News, Fake News and Real News

u185958177-o799978819-53.jpgThe news media have replaced politicians as the lowest trusted professionals.

What has happened to the 4th pillar of society?

How did we get here and what can be done?

Did the internet and social media hasten its decline and add to distrust and abuse?

What to do when you or your organisation become the news?

Some answers and some tips to address media.

Ludo Segers, Photo Journalist and regular contributor to The Lithuania Tribune.

A photojournalist and journalist at The Lithuania Tribune and Delfi.lt.  Ludo was initially trained in graphics, he started writing and photographing for a local newspaper while still in high school. He is a regular contributor on a variety economic issues for several publications. He also reported from Washington, DC and The White House in photographs and print.

Ludo's photographic work has found its way into publications, galleries, exhibitions and homes around the world.

(Photo Kristina Cerniauskiene)

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