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Employing top level managers: contract terms, non-competition and confidentiality issues


You are cordially invited to the monthly EBN Breakfast event that will take place under the auspices of the Embassy of Czech Republic, on Tuesday 21st June at 08:30 at the Czech Embassy (Birutes str. 16, Vilnius).

The speakers are Dr Vida Petrylaite & Dr Paulius Miliauskas and the topic will be "Employing top level managers: contract terms, non-competition and confidentiality issues"

Every business needs a great CEO and every great CEO needs an even greater employment contract in order to balance interests of the business with the interests of the CEO. During business breakfast the following questions and issues will be addressed:

  • What should be included in the employment contract with the CEO?
  • How can the pay of the CEO be regulated?
  • Should the CEO negotiate for better employment contract terms (e.g. holiday, severance payment, etc.)?
  • Is it possible to prevent the CEO from competing with the business and how?
  • Does the CEO need to keep every detail of the business a secret?

Vida-Petrylaite-photo.jpgDr Vida Petrylaite is an associate partner at CONFIDENCE Law Office and has been practising law since 2006. Vida has extensive experience in advising companies and organisations in key employment areas such as employment contracts, execution of employer's and employee's rights and duties during employment relations, redundancies, collective bargaining and employment disputes.
Vida was one of the high level experts and drafters of the new Lithuanian Labour Code which is planned to take effect in 2017 and will introduce more advanced and modern regulation of individual and collective employment relations.
In addition to legal practise, Dr Petrylaite is teaching at Vilnius University, Faculty of Law and actively carrying out legal research. Her main research areas include national and international social security law, employment law, reconciliation of work and family responsibilities of the employees and issues of implementing social security for migrant workers.
Paulius-Miliauskas-photo.jpgDr Paulius Miliauskas is one of the founding partners at CONFIDENCE Law Office with more than 9 years of experience in national and international legal environments. Paulius is an experienced professional in company law, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, drafting contracts and IT law. He advises CEOs and board members regarding civil liability claims, confidentiality and non-compete obligations.
Together with other high level company law experts Paulius is working on a study to improve Lithuanian company law regulation.
Dr Miliauskas is also a lecturer at Vilnius University, Faculty of Law, visiting professor at Toulouse University in France where he teaches company law and contract drafting. Paulius is regularly leading training sessions for judges, lawyers, notaries public and other legal professionals.

Please confirm your attendance by Friday, 17 June, to edita@ebn.lt. This event is free for EBN members; non-members may attend by paying an entrance fee of €15.

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