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Executive Training Programme (ETP)

Deloitte in cooperation with the European Commission invite executives from Lithuania to join the Executive Training Programme (ETP)

R. Švedas: “Regional Energy Market to Solve Baltics Problems”

Distribution of interim dividends in Lithuania

New joint-stock and limited liability company regulations related to interim dividends came into force on the 1st of March 2012.

Estonia as an example for Lithuanian E-Government

European Court of Justice settles a dispute on transfer of debts taxation

The European Court of Justice on 27th of October released its preliminary ruling in the case C 93/10 GFKL Financial Services AG.

The procedures of taxation agreement and advance pricing agreements in Lithuania

Al Kris on Lithuanian labor market dynamics: “I'm optimistic”

“Delta Management Solutions” director Al Kris claimed to be an optimist when summarizing his perception of current Lithuanian labor market dynamics and said that both – investor and job seeker sides should not be depressed when planning their prospects.

Dubious Tax Wars: The Election Menace Can Be The New Hope

On the brink of the New Year politicians were speaking about implementing new taxes and vouching for social justice. They were compelled to bring their attention to this subject because of worsened economic predictions and a threat of larger budget deficit. Now it seems that all the talks are settled; the coming elections might bring about new hope and not necessarily menace.

Personal bankruptcy: legal regulation in other countries and draft law in Lithuania

Personal bankruptcy is a legal procedure when a natural person is declared insolvent and not capable to carry out his obligations, i.e. to pay his debts. Personal bankruptcy might be caused by many different circumstances: illness, loss of job, family circumstances, divorce etc. The main general rule is that an honest person under unsuccessful circumstances is not capable anymore to pays his debts.

Double taxation - an obstacle to the Single Market?

Single Market (also known as Internal Market or Common Market) is one of the European Union task and it was the original goal of the European Economic Community established in 1957 by the Treaty of Rome. Single Market is guaranteed by the free movement of goods, service, people and capital. It was launched on 1 January 1993 but even in 2009 when the Treaty of Lisbon came into force these four freedoms were not completely working. And double taxation might be one of the obstacles for a perfect operation of the Single Market.