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In the Spotlight: Medcentras

Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre

d5bffd0e59124bc1a33d0f63d0c0e9e9.jpgMedical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre is a private multi-profile clinic and hospital. The Centre provides services to Lithuanian and foreign patients.

Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre offers full range of medical services covering 54 fields of medicine. Services of Medical Centre include health check-up programmes, instrumental and laboratory investigations, more than 100 types of conventional and minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, and rehabilitation.

The Medical Centre is equipped with only safest up to date facilities and has 4 modern operating rooms.

MF3W0613.jpgOver 150 acknowledged Lithuanian physicians with extensive international experience, including over 40 PhDs, professors, and associate professors, practice in the Medical Centre. Specialists of Medical Centre constantly improve their qualification at different centres and universities in Europe and the USA.

The service quality at the Medical Centre meets the highest European standards; the Medical Centre is certified under the international ISO standard: LST EN ISO 9001:2008. Special attention is paid to secondary infection prevention and post-operational treatment.

Physicians and the entire medical staff give individual attention to every patient and are doing their best to meet the patients’ expectations.


Some of the advantages of treatment in the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre are as follows:


  • Top quality services at affordable prices
  • Full range of medical services in 54 fields
  • Best Lithuanian professionals with an international reputation
  • State of the art equipment and treatment methods
  • Complete diagnostics within one day
  • English-speaking staff
  • Individual attention and care to every patient
  • Free services of personal assistant
  • Physician consultations before arrival
  • Organisation of travelling to and accommodation in Lithuania
  • Airport transfer and transportation in Lithuania
  • Follow up

Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre
V. Grybo g. 32A,
LT-10318 Vilnius, Lithuania

Tel. (+370) 698 00 000


Please request further information about doctors by e-mail: medtour@medcentras.lt or skype: medcenter.lt