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The European Business Network (EBN) is the initiative of the Ambassadors of Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, and the Netherlands, bringing together our business communities here in Lithuania and supporting them and Lithuanian companies in their efforts to grow our trade and investment activities.

EBN countries represent 20% of all FDI in Lithuania, 25% of exports and more than 21% of imports.

Together we are Lithuania’s 2nd largest trading partner.

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On the Agenda

The Impact of Sanctions to Russia and Ukraine on Business
(June 26, 2014)
EBN Breakfast meeting with Ms Vilija Vaitkute Pavan and Ms Elze Matulionyte of LAWIN

Lithuania's progress strategy "Lithuania 2030"
(April 24, 2014)
EBN Breakfast meeting with Antanas Zabulis, President and CEO of OMNITEL and member of the State progress council

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